Use Sonos Move with third party microphone

  • 7 December 2021
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HI -

I’d like to use my Sonos Moves as a small PA system for gathering. So someone would be using a separate microphone and the idea is for the Moves to amplify it.  Is this possible? Ideally I could use both (via airplay?) but i’d settle for just one (bluetooth). 


BTW, Sonos, how about supporting stereo pairing over bluetooth like some other vendors do?? 

4 replies

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If you can find a microphone that connects to a speaker over Bluetooth or AirPlay, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the Move.

I know there are iOS apps that allow you to use your iPhone as a microphone and send the audio over Bluetooth or AirPlay. You might consider testing those out.

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Thanks for the idea GS! I found Microphone Live. Seems like the only one. Some flaky reviews but worth a try!

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I think the audio delay will kill this idea, but by all means try it out first if it doesn’t cost anything.

Perhaps Sonos could contact RODE microphones to work out a solution so you can connect a Rode Wireless Go II to a (pair of) Sonos Move(s) - either through the USB-C port on both devices, or by using Rode Central or the Sonos app to connect a system via Bluetooth.


Allowing for this would really revolutionize the way people use these affordable solutions for doing talks in small set-ups (e.g. an office gathering, wedding ceremony or a funeral).