Use iPhone as a 'mobile speaker'

  • 19 February 2017
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Hi all,
Is there a way (or, can there be a way) to hear the music that is playing on the sonos system on your actual iPhone/controller device? Before you say "why would you want to do that?", I'll explain.
I have numerous play:1's throughout the house, along with a connect on my entertainment system. I am a drummer and I occasionally play to a playlist that I've created in my phone (which is also my Sonos controller). Now, as you can assume, the drums are not a quiet instrument, so I wear headphones to play. If there was a capability to listen to the music on my iPhone (with headphones) and have it play throughout the house, my boys could hear that I am actually playing with a song, or, vice versa.

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3 replies

Thank you for the response!

I was, however, hoping for a more 'mobile or wireless' option.
Hi Syfd37,

There is a workaround You could use a Sonos CONNECT to hook up your phone via an aux cable. The CONNECT comes with a RCA to 3.5mm headphone cable that you would then install in its audio Inputs.

From there, you can select Line-in on the PLAY:1 group as the music source (just the same as selecting any music source like Radio by TuneIn), and the PLAY;1s will play whatever you are listening to locally on your phone. For example, you could play Youtube videos on your phone, and connect the aux cable to your iPhone's headphone jack. Then, select "Line-in" as the source for your PLAY:1s, and the Youtube audio will play throughout all your PLAY:1s.

To listen on your PLAY:1s and phone simultaneously:
To also listen to the audio at the same time on your phone, use a 3.5mm splitter, such as this: This would be plugged in to both your headphones and the CONNECT's line-in. From here, anything you play on your phone will play to both sources. Just remember to select "Line-in" as the source on the Sonos app to get the party started.

Hope this helps!
No there is no way of doing this. Sonos can play only through Sonos devices.