Stereo Paired Play 5s: Can't Select Both L and R speakers when source is Line In from Turntable L and R

  • 26 January 2023
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I have a stereo paired set of Play 5s that work beautifully with streaming content from the app. I recently purchased a turntable with preamp. I have two cables running out from the preamp to the two speakers (L and R). When I set up the turntable in the Sonos app. I ended up with a configuration that looks like the image below. Which means I can only select one speaker for playing audio.  Both are working, but only one at at a time.  I’m confident I screwed up the initial set up, But I can’t even figure out how to delete the turntable from the app to start over. Grateful for any help.  (Be gentle with me.)



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4 replies

You need this sort of cable -- that was likely packed with your PLAY:5


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Each Play:5 will accept a stereo input signal through its line-in connector. When the P:5’s are configured as a stereo pair the unit will separate the left and right signals and send the “other” channel to the other speaker.
AIUI you can be playing the input from one source on the stereo-paired P:5’s (or other rooms/speakers) and the other input on different Sonos devices within the home - clever stuff! 

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Helpful.  Thanks Sonos community!  My mistake was purchasing two, single RCA-to-3.5mm cables, instead of one double . . . not realizing the speakers were smart enough to share the one stereo signal.


Again. Thanks! 


I don’t think you’ve screwed-up the initial setup, as you describe, the line-ins displayed in your screenshot each look correct to me and as others mention/infer here you just need to have the left/right channels (RCA connection from turntable) both going to just the one speaker only using an RCA to 3.5mm adapter, as each speaker line-input is stereo and carries both the L/R channels from your turntable (it’s not one L/R channel from the TT to each of your speakers)  - so you could actually connect two devices in this instance - one turntable’s L/R channels to your left Sonos speaker and another Turntables L/R channels to your right Sonos speaker. Hope that assists with your TT setup.