ROAM: disappears in app when on, reappears when off

  • 12 July 2022
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I found another user who had a similar problem to mine, but the topic was closed a year ago without a satisfactory solution! So I am resubmitting it with a few slight changes in the details.


Hi, I’ve been using Sonos since 2009 with few issues but I’m having a problem with my Roam that is frustrating, unpredictable and seems to have no solution other than to wait for it to sort itself out.

The Roam is visible as “offline” when it is switched off but is not visible in the S2 app when switched on. It’s clearly still connected to the network in some way as the app shows when it’s switched off (visible in the app) and it disappears when it’s switched on. It can also replay the last music that was played on it by pressing the play/pause button, and given that the current album is stored on the network it clearly still has access to the network. I have tried changing the channel, resetting the router etc. but the problem persists. I have tried on multiple devices and the same problem occurs. I am not using a mesh or range extender so this is not the issue. I’m using a Synology RT2600ac (in a mesh with three MR2200ac access points) with no issues and strong signal throughout the house, including the rooms that I have tried the Roam in.

The problem sometimes goes away, in which case I’m able to change the music, but then it will come back and switching it on/off doesn’t help. I have had the same album playable for about a week with no way of changing it, and I don’t want to resort to bluetooth as to be honest if that’s what I was after I would have just bought a bluetooth speaker.

A couple amazing details:

First: the Roam is visible all the time through my desktop app, which runs on a Mac in my basement. However, I didn’t buy the Roam to control it from a computer.

Second: throughout the house I can easily control the Roam with Alexa. But there are services on the Sonos controller that Alexa doesn’t have access to, so that’s inadequate. The same goes for the new “Hey Sonos” feature: it works well, but can’t access all of my services yet.

But I think you get the picture. the Roam is on the network and usable through multiple digital assistants, yet it can’t be seen by any mobile devices in the house.

Any suggestions or solutions? Please don’t suggest resetting the router as it doesn’t help and I don’t want to have to reset my router every time I want to select a new album.


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I assume all access points are in bridge mode?  Do they all use the same wifi channel?  Does the location of the Roam affect its connectivity? (e.g what happens when it is one metre from router?)

Is your router dual band?  Access points also?  If so, do you have the same SSID for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands?  Do the access points have different SSIDs or the same SSID?

Purely as a troubleshooting experiment, how does the system behave if all access points are powered off and only the main router is running?