Play1 vs boost, which is stronger

  • 24 May 2017
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Just purchased a play5 to go with my two play1's but had a question about hard-wiring a single play1 vs only wiring a boost (I would have to order one). Is the boost signal stronger than the play1? The 5 will be used for indoor/outdoor so that wouldn't be able to be wired so it comes down to me using an existing play1 vs purchasing a boost and using that. Thanks in advance!

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3 replies

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Thanks for the tip!! I'll try using the play 1 first.
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I think the consensus has been that the boost is designed to better reject other wifi signals but distance wise etc. it really isn't different vs. just a Play:1 being used. If you don't have a difficult wifi situation with a lot of neighbors etc. I don't think it is going to make any difference at all.
The Boost is a little stronger on paper, but if the 1 can be conveniently wired and things work well, that is the way to save some money. The Boost extra may not be needed/useful in your specific situation and in that case, a waste.