Play 1 Battery Pack

  • 9 February 2015
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There are many posts and request for a portable or outside speaker on ask.sonos and others for a battery powered Play 1.

The Play 1 is plugged in from the bottom with a very flush and tidy fitting power lead. This makes me think and others might agree that a battery pack could be developed that works like a drill battery and plugs into the bottom of the Play 1 - maybe the power lead could also plug into the bottom of the battery pack to recharge in situ so it is seamless in design and can be used whilst recharging or if battery power is low.

I would opt for a lithium-ion polymer battery as:

Excerpt from wikipedia
“The result is a "plastic" cell, which theoretically could be thin, flexible, and manufactured in different shapes, without risk of electrolyte leakage.”

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51 replies

This is only possible if they already planned to do it from the outset.  Battery would be low voltage (12-20v) but current Play 1 takes high voltage (110/240).  There would have to be some internal switching already in place to bypass the transformer

There is the quoted early post in this thread as well, which says the same thing. The original design choice for the power supply dictates that a third party will not be able to address this issue in the absence of a cheap and compact battery set up that can deliver the required minimum of 110 V AC to the unit while fitting in a base platform that can host the 1 unit. And this kind of battery probably doesn't exist yet.

I should have read the entire thread first!