Music mode with playbar and surround settings

  • 2 January 2015
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When using my Sonos playbar+play 1+play 1 as a surround mode, it's wonderful, and no lag at all in the sound and playback. I would love to have (hard or easy) access to change settings of my Play:1 (3/5) to give full volume when watching music videos or concerts at my TV, either trough Chromecast or on TV/cable/sat - in TV mode in sonos app. I haven't found an easy way to do this, but disconnecting my two Play:1's as sperate players, bonded as a group.

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3 replies

Agree I want a full music mode for when I'm listening to you tube or some other service via my TV but I want to 'light up' the rear speakers. Playing music direct by the app works fine but need that button for when I'm 'watching' music
Thanks, it helped a little bit. I just figured out that I had to manually adjust volume, or surround level adjustment, then I got the volume up on my Play:1's. But I want an easy button to say "Music mode" rather than the standard TV-mode. When playing music from e.g. Google play music, I've got way better punch in the playback and volume, than playing music through TV.
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Hi. I think it would work if you go to Settings - Room settings - "Your Playbar group" - Advanced sound - Surround settings. Set the "Playing Music" option to Full rather than Ambient. It works good for me. (NOTE. I translated the menu items from Swedish so forgive me if they are not correct, but I think you will find it.)