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  • 29 November 2023
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Hi all Good people.


During Black Week the Sub mini was down around $100 and i was able to get one.

First i add it to my livingroom downstairs along with the Playbase&Ikea BS. I try different placement and try multiple Truplay-runs. Sound was like ok,but nothing more. I really enjoy this room even without the Sub mini. I think Playbase is a great soundbar. Anyway…. Then i moved the Sub mini upstairs and integrade it with the Beam Gen2& Era 100…and i got a Ikea BS stereopair as well. The Sub mini is placed in the front corner of the room. Let me say it like this: the Sub mini outplay Gen3 by far….i’m in LOVE. The tight punch,the dynamic…just WOW. Yes,i’m talking bout performance with Music,not TV/Film/Movies. Just pure enjoyable music. And the size….to be honest,i thought the Sub mini was a small unit….it’s not. It’s somehow bigger than i imagine.

I have not watch any movies,only Youtube,and the sound is good(enough). I probobly gonna watch some films in the near future,but i think the Gen-series are the one to use for this.

The Beam/Era combo along with the Sub mini is just over the top PERFECT combo. You nailed it Sonos.


Now there is only the wish for an update in the S2-app,and that is as MANY in this community wishes for…an Dual Sub mini config….Please Sonos,just give us this opertunety. Let us have this for X-mas gift.

Well,this was my personal opinion,it could be different for someone else. Just wanted to share it with you guys&girls.




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Hello @BOL74, thank you for the post!

I am glad you’ve been enjoying your new Sonos Sub Mini and your feedback and kind words are much appreciated.

I’ve marked this thread as a feature request and forwarded it to the appropriate teams for consideration.

FYI, when the sub mini was first annouced, Sonos stated that the reason dual subs is not a supported configuration is because 2 mini sub has less output that the full sub.  It makes more sense to use a full sub than dual mini sub for both output and cost.  That’s what was stated.

However, I think it’s fair to say that many people who prefer to incrementally upgrade from single mini to dual mini, rather than get a full sub.  As well, the mini sub is sealed, while the full sub is ported, and people have preferences as to what type of sub they prefer.

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Folks with problem rooms might appreciate the ability having two Sub-Minis give you to place them in different positions to offset the room’s effects.

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Folks with problem rooms might appreciate the ability having two Sub-Minis give you to place them in different positions to offset the room’s effects.

Exactly this. Even the most advanced AI-assisted room calibration tools cannot completely eliminate room modes, and 40Hz nulls are all too common and extremely difficult to correct solely via EQ.  Having dual (or multiple) subs, combined with placement can not only smooth out the bass response, but do much more to eliminate undesirable room modes and nulls than EQ alone. 

2 sub minis may have less combined output than a single Sub Gen 3 (two sealed vs. single ported), but I’d wager real money that the two sub minis would produce more accurate and evenly distributed bass (regardless of listener position), while still doubling the output over a single sub mini leading to overall better sound than a single Gen 3.

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yes please, I also am voting for update to allow two sub minis