Does a Sonos one stereo pair have deeper bass than a single Sonos era 100?

  • 10 August 2023
  • 1 reply

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Sometime in the future, I am contemplating either getting a Sonos One SL to pair with my Sonos One - or a single Sonos Era 100. See question above.

1 reply

I would not say the One and One-SL would sound deeper in terms of Bass frequency, but obviously two paired speakers would output twice the volume at the same level and provide separation for a much wider stereo sound stage.

So whilst an Era-100 does output stereo audio standalone and deeper bass frequencies, and sounds better than a One/One-SL, because you can’t stereo pair it with your ‘existing’ Sonos One, you are probably best to add a One SL, just for the wider stereo separation. If you want to add more Bass, then you would certainly be better off later adding a Sub-Mini to that stereo pair.