Can i use 4 Sonos1's linked together?

  • 21 July 2017
  • 3 replies

Can i use 4 Sonos1's linked together?

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3 replies

"Linked" needs clarification. The terms used for Sonos are Group and Pair. You can pair two Play:1 speakers together for a stereo L/R pair, with one playing the Left channel and one the Right. You can group any number of Sonos speakers to play in perfect sync, with each speaker (or pair) playing both L/R channels. Pairing is semi-permanent and meant to stay that way, grouping is temporary and speakers are easily grouped and ungrouped.

So for 4 Play:1s all playing the same source, you can:

Have two paired, then grouped.
Have two paired, then grouped with two singles.
Have 4 singles, all grouped.
What works best from these combinations is a matter of personal preference. And on how many rooms the units are spread across.
All in one big room. Thanks very much for the replies!