bluetooth xgimi projector to existing sonos play:1,3 symfonisk

  • 5 January 2024
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I have an existing set up of play:1,3, and one and symfonik. I got the symfonik so that I could use airplay with it and through the symfonik stream to the other Sonos throughout the house. 

now I have a xgimi home projector that supports sound through Bluetooth. What is the best way to stream to these other Sonos devices?


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3 replies

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Buy an Era 100, 300, Roam or Move 2, that can connect via bluetooth?

So to confirm: if I stream from the xgimi to one of the Sonos with Bluetooth, the sound can also go to any of my existing Sonos devices as it does with AirPlay via symfonok?

What’s the connection between Bluetooth and AirPlay 2?

Sonos is a receiver of AirPlay 2 signal on certain speakers, none of them generate AirPlay 2.

There is no guaranty of lipsync when using a Bluetooth signal from a projector to a Sonos Bluetooth enabled speaker. And the signal will be in stereo across Bluetooth, and not a 5.1 signal of any kind.

Any Sonos can be ‘grouped’ with any other Sonos when they’re all on WiFi. Both the Roam and the Move gen 2 have the capability of sharing an incoming Bluetooth signal across the LAN. The first generation of the Move can not share the Bluetooth signal.

All of these taken together suggest that attempting to connect any video source, be it TV or projector via Bluetooth isn’t a great idea. You’d be much better off with one of the Sonos soundbars designed to be connected to a video source.