2 x play 5's and metal ???

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How wel do the 5's do with metal music. Powermetal (manowar and such) and also heavier stuff like scar symmetry and meshuggah ?



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As well as any capable speaker can; what matters more is the sound levels you want and how far away from the speaker you will be. Too loud in too big a room than what they can fill is the thing to look out for.
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A bit controversial but I think 2 play 1's and a sub would be better. Or add a sub to the play 5s it's night and day difference with heavy rock.
Or a 1 pair + Sub at one end, and single 5 at the other end!
I agree; I still have to come across a better wireless solution, all things considered.
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I'm not by any means an audiophile, but I like my heavy rock and sometimes pretty loud. I have been researching hifi's and stereo's for the last month but not able to listen since I'm at sea working. I'ts all specs and reviews.

Let's say the budget is around 1000 gbp or 1500 usd.

What is most interesting to me at the moment in no particular order.
Sonos. 2x play 5's or 2x play 1's with a sub.
Heos. 2x heos 7 or the heos amp plus 2x dali zensor 7.
Naim. Mu-so.

A little about me.
I had a few years ago a pair of paradigm studio 100's
and mondial design acurus pre and power amps.

Sold the mondial kit and got a harman kardon 3490 receiver.
I actually liked that set up better as it was more versatile.
But in an appartment a pair of studio 100's is an overkill in every sense of the word which is the reason I sold that kit too.

Maybe the best way to describe what I'm after is a wall of sound,
a thick and clear tone.

The living room in which the speakers will live is roughly 70 sqm, about 200 sqf.

Which of the sonos set ups is more likely to give me what I need in your opinion.
All advices are welcome and all opinions are valid.

Thanks in advance.

I suggest 1 pair + Sub - it can almost certainly go louder than a 5 pair without any reduction of bass output. For 200 sq feet that should be fine, but perhaps not for 70 sq metres - that is more than 700 sq feet!
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Oh I thought the square feet to square meter ratio was the same as feet to a meter ? Well the room is 70 sq meters 😃
That room - over 25 feet a side if a square shape - may be better served by a 5 pair + Sub; the Sub will let you go loud without losing bass output.
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Yeah it had crossed my mind, or maybe a sub plus 4x1's.
That is a good option if you want to fill the space such that music sounds equally loud in all parts of it. With a 5 pair + Sub music may be too loud close to them for it to be loud enough at the other end of the room. But at the speaker end, it will sound better that with a 1 pair + Sub. A more expensive way would be 5 pair + Sub at one end AND a 1 or a 1 pair at the other end.
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Well from what I've read here it seems to be inevitable to develop an addiction for expansion. It's a tempting thought but with sonos dropping the ball on the new playbase in dts support I think that if I deceide to go with Sonos it will only be for music.

I have a bose soundtouch 130 which I purchased over the playbar for this sole reason.

Tell me, how staple is your sonos system,regarding to connection drop outs and such ?
Very stable, but after buying a Boost for the wired to router unit; earlier I had a Bridge. And after reserving IP addresses in the router for all Sonos units. But Sonos does need as foundation a stable WiFi environment.
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Would you reccomend the boost rather than hardwiring one speaker ?
Not unless the speaker hard wiring does not give stability; it usually does. For me, wiring any speaker was not convenient, that's why first Bridge and now Boost.
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is it possible to hardwire the sub ?
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Then I think that as for wireless audio Sonos is the most appealing.