Play 5 drops out every 10-20 minutes

  • 9 February 2020
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I just got a used sonos system yesterday and I am very, very, very disappointed to get drop outs listening to spotify. I have spent much of today reading forums and trying everything common.


I have a play 1 and a play 5, both on SonosNet. No wifi.

I have a bridge placed in the middle with 3 meters line of sight distance from each speaker.

The sones bridge is connected to wired 1 Gbit network with ethernet cable.

My SonosNet is on channel 6 and my wifi is on channel 11.

I can see weak neighbour networks at channel 1 and 6. Weaker on 6 than on 1.



I have submitted diagnostics with number 1961205556


I can see that the network is weak, but WHY - it is 3 METERs in clear line of sight.

I have 5 meters clear line of sight between play 1 and 5 as an alternative.

I can’t (and won’t) run wires. It doesn’t seem reasonable.



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10 replies


The Bridge seems unnecessary.

Try removing it from the equation and see if just using regular wifi wi better; unless you can wire one of the speakers instead.

I only added the bridge (and moved it to clear line of sight) to troubleshoot after getting dropouts with pure wifi.

The router is in the same room as the speakers and the signal is strong and there is no interference on the channel, so I agree that wifi should work …

But it doesn’t.


I can’t wire the speakers. It is out of the question. 


What is the WM value of each speaker as displayed in the app under About My System?

It should be WM:0 if everything is running on SonosNet.

Make sure to remove any wifi credentials in the app as well


Is it only Spotify that drops out?  What about other sources?

It is WM: 0

I deleted the wifi credentials (and it made no difference)


So far I have only been listening to Spotify, but now I changed to an internet station to test that out.

However Spotify is my main source of music, so that have to work.


Also only one play 5 drops out. Play 1 keeps playing ...


Well, your matrix suggests that the interconnectivity is fine (green) and you say only 1 speaker drops out AND only on Spotify.…

So... Something with Spotify and that speaker?


Maybe open a ticket with support?

I tried reproducing with listening to radio for a couple of hours and I could not reproduce the problem.

BUT saterday night I also listened to Spotify for a several hours without any problems - so to me it is just random and not dependent on the source.


Today I unplugged the bridge and reconnected my speakers to play directly from wifi.

This is my macbook running a speed test on wifi, right next to the speaker I have problems with…

I should think that a stable connection with 200/100 mbit and 3ms ping is enough to play Spotify in any quality :)


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Hej LL Data,


Jeg kiggede lige diagnostikken igennem som du sendte ind.

Det er helt rigtigt at der er mange forskellige ting som der kan forårsage det du oplever, og dem I har tænkt på er de mest sansynelige.


Det lader dog til at du du er offer for en bug vi har indentificeret, selvom det har taget lidt tid da der er utroligt få som er ramt af den.

Den skulle gerne være løst i vores opdatering enten her i Februar måned eller i vores opdatering i Marts.


Du kan undgå den ved at danne din gruppe ud fra din Play:1 så den styrer gruppen, modsat den måde de er sat sammen i din diagnostik hvor gruppen der dannet ud fra din Play:5 så det er den som styrer gruppen.


Med venlig hilsen

Frederik Holmgren


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Tak. Jeg har ikke været så meget hjemme, men indtil videre har det været ret stabilt med Play:1 som master.


I mit tilfælde gøre det altså en forskel om jeg spiller til “Stue+1” eller “Køkken+1”.
Ikke specielt logisk!


Jeg giver den lige en uge mere, inden jeg frikender den helt.

Det vil være dejligt med et software fix!

Thanks for your pretty advice.I will definately try it.