Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

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Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

The next generation of Sonos software is now available. Sonos S2 is a new app and an operating system for compatible devices, which brings support for higher resolution audio, saved groups, support for new Sonos products, and more.

Learn more about the Sonos S2 app on our S2 home page.


Support for the newest Sonos products

The all new Sonos Arc, Sonos Five, and Sonos Sub will require the Sonos S2 app. These new players are not supported by the Sonos S1 Controller. 


Saved Groups

The new S2 app can save groups of rooms to create groups quickly and easily. Once a group is created, you can select it to start playing music and the players will automatically group up. 


High Resolution Audio


With S2, Sonos speakers now have support for high resolution audio, 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz for FLAC/ALAC only. This support is for local music libraries shared from computers and network attached drives. We’ve updated the article on Sonos supported music formats here.

The Sonos Arc is a Dolby Atmos soundbar, and S2 brings support for that audio to Sonos for home theater and music. Dolby Atmos can be read from Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby MAT, and Dolby TrueHD. 


How to get S2

All Sonos systems will be able to update to Sonos version 11.2, which contains some bug fixes and stability improvements. This version is a new S1 update, and compatible with all players. 

Once the 11.2 update is completed, systems compatible with Sonos S2 will receive a notification that the new app is available. You can tap that notification to start updating and the new app which will guide you through updating compatible players to the new platform. If you don’t see the notification banner, you go to System Tools in Settings to check compatibility and update. Sonos S2 is Sonos version 12.0.

You can check our Sonos S2 Compatibility article for a list of products that are compatible with S2.​​​​​


Articles and important information about S2

We will support products on Sonos S1 with bug fixes and security patches, and we will do what we can to ensure they keep working with the music services you love given their limited RAM and processing power.

We’ve put together answers to some of the top questions we’ve seen around S2 here, so please check out the following articles on:

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Set up a separate Sonos S1 system

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Information about Trade Up:

If you’re interested in updating older Sonos speakers, here’s all the details on our Trade Up program, a way to get a big discount on any new Sonos products that are S2 compatible.

Trade Up home page - Get a general overview of the Sonos Trade Up program.

Trade Up support article - Step by step instructions on how to trade up your eligible Sonos products.

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Any news about SMB v1 and the 64k limit under S2? can i download from here some song : 

No news yet. Sonos will inform us of significant changes when they get released. They tend not to tell us about specific ‘bug fixes’, but since SMB isn’t really a bug, and instead a large functionality change, I suspect they’ll trumpet the change. 


would it be possible that Sonos expands S2 capabilites by adding a pair of One SLs as height channels (Atmos) for Arc and Beam Gen 2 the same way they can be added as surround rears ?

Possible, probably. Likely, I wouldn’t think so. If they intended to do so, it would likely have already been done, IMHO. 

Possible, probably. Likely, I wouldn’t think so. If they intended to do so, it would likely have already been done, IMHO. 


Even in Sonos worked out the technical issues with send two additional speakers/audio channels to accomplish the additional 2 height channels, I doubt they would enable use of Sonos Ones for the job.  The woofers are not upfiring, so it would be up to the user to figure out a way to tilt the speaker in a permanent fashion.  Maybe release some new stands/mounts?  Even then, trueplay tuning would likely be quite a chore to accomplish properly.