Want to continue using S1 App with purchase of Roam or Move device

  • 18 August 2021
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Hi All

Struggled to find the answer from other threads so thought I would ask the question here. I will get to the point. 

I have a mixture of new and old Sonos equipment and to do this day continue to use the S1 app as I am not ready to let go of my Play 5 gen1. I have a Play 1, Sonos one and PlayBar. All devices work great on S1. 

I am looking to purchase either 2 roams or 1 move but as these are new devices I am guessing they only work on S2. 

Is there any way I can continue to use these products on S1? 

I qualify for the 30% discount because of the Play 5 however I don’t intend to return it but still want to use the discount to get either the roam 2x package or the 1 move. Will I still be able to do this, I am under no obligation to return the old device to get the discount am I?

Many Thanks


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8 replies

No, they require the use of S2. There’s no reason why you can’t have both S1 and S2 products on your network, and you can certainly have both controllers on your device, but they just won’t see each other, so they can’t be grouped. 

The Roam is compatible with S2 only but the Move can be used with S1 or S2.

And you can get the discount and keep the Play:5.

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I added a brand new Move to my S1 system last month, works a treat on S1. After you've added your speaker it will "update" to S1.

Roam is S2 only.

The Move is a really good speaker imho, well worth the money.

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Thanks all and for the link. That confirms it from a Sonos end which is what I was looking for. I think I will go with the Move then. 

I have been trying to locate a comparison of sound quality comparison, unfortunately whilst this is really detailed it doesn't provide any detail on sound quality differences between say a move, one and Roam. 

If anyone else has found something it be good to hear from you.

Sound quality is rather subjective and all that really matters is what you think.

FWiW, my subjective opinion is that I would rather listen to a single Move than a pair of Roams.

I want to like that statement, for the simple fact he indicated that it’s an opinion. 

I “think” I’d prefer the stereo to the single device, but not owning either of them, it is an opinion. But valid proof of John’s assertion of it being subjective. 

Shoot. I’m just going to like the post. Thanks, John :)

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The Move sounds very similar to a Play:1 / Sonos One. 

Very nice sound and auto trueplay.

You can't compare it to a Roam, the Roam is tiny in comparison.

The Move has excellent punchy bass an is more than loud enough.