System was 100% reliable until the Arc

  • 26 December 2020
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I started my Sonos system with a Move, which was remarkably easy to setup and has worked flawlessly.  Next I purchased the subwoofer and added a pair of One SLs (with which I created a stereo pair).  Again, all setup could not have been easier and all components--including the app--interacted without even a minor glitch.  All of these products, incidentally, we're acquired in the last couple of months.  


Two days ago I picked up my Arc from Best Buy and the only thing that works consistently now is the Move.  The Arc works fine by itself, but the One SLs and the subwoofer will not connect at the same time.  We have tried the app on 4 devices (2 IOS and 2 Android)--two of them don't even show the Arc.  We have followed troubleshooting to the letter, unplugging/plugging countless times, doing factory resets on all components repeatedly, resetting the wifi router, etc.  At no time in the countless iterations of this process would all components appear in the app at the same time; further, they would appear and then randomly disappear.  Current state is that just the Arc and subwoofer are connected, and I can only control the system with my son's iPhone, because the app on my phone will only show the Move device.


As with the components, I uninstalled/reinstalled the app on all devices in hopes of everything resyncing, but with no luck. This morning I woke up and now only see the Move on the app.  


Am I missing something?  Thanks for reading.




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Hi @gmjr

Welcome to the Sonos community and for letting us know about your concern. I appreciate all your effort to get your system working. To help you check why you’re having issues connecting to your Sonos system, I'll be requesting diagnostic reports submitted from your phone and from your son’s iPhone to compare both devices. Please don't forget to include the confirmation number in your response to look into your system and find out the cause. We'll wait for your reply.