sonos roam turns on wireless charger

  • 22 August 2023
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So i noticed a really annoying feature between the wireless charger and the wired.

When i turn off the Roam on wired, it stays power off, until i turn it on manually by touching, which is perfect, since it will not stand there and be standby for no reason when i dont want to use. Or until i unplug/plug in the device again.

I bought the wireless charger since i thought it would be more stylish. What i noticed is that even if i manually turn off the roam on the back while in the charger, after some time if will flick back on by itself.
Why does this happen on the wireless charger and not the wired?

It is super annoying since i bought the wireless charger because it should be better for the battery, but if it just keeps powering it on by itself, then it doesn’t matter :/

Any way to fix this, or is this just a stupid mechanism not possible to avoid with magnetic charger?


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Hi @andersmarc,

The Roam powering on while being charged is the intended behaviour. It’s hard to tell why the USB-C charger acted differently with you, but it’s possible that your charger didn’t meet our requirements.

Leaving the Roam on the wireless charger will not effect the overall lifespan of the battery, so feel free to leave it on the charger. I know many users leave the Roam on the wireless charger so it can act as a dedicated speaker for the room it’s in. If you are letting the Roam’s battery fully deplete before charging, then that will, overtime, reduce the charge the battery can hold. 

I would either recommend leaving the Roam powered on and placed on the charger so it’s always available to use, or powering the Roam off when not in use and leaving it off of the charger. This will be the best way to preserve the lifespan of the Roam’s battery.

I hope this information helps!


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Im using the USB-C charger provider with the product.

to me it seems like bad product design that it turn off by itself when i clearly put it in to power off mode, and not sleep mode.


i dont want my roam to be turned on all the time, i want it to stay in power off mode when i set that on and not randomly turn on via the charger.

Does not make sense it has to stay in stand-by/sleep mode all the time while in wireless, even as i use it as a room speaker, i only want to have it on by choice.


bad design, switching back to the usb-c and returning the wireless one, hope you one day can fix it and maybe wasteless stand-by mode possible to turn off.