Sonos Roam Dead at Almost Two Years

  • 29 October 2023
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I purchased my Roam on 06/12/2021 and experienced battery issues from the start. Due to the unreliability I just kept it permanently wired (USB C - 10W generic USB adaptor) and used it as a portable speaker a handful of times. I eventually purchased a official Sonos wireless charger ($79 AUD) and it has pretty much sat on it ever since.


Other then the battery issues, up until now I haven’t had any issues with the device. I use it to mainly control my google home devices and occasional music when doing housework. Yesterday I went to use it and it was dead, it had been sitting on the wireless charger for weeks so it seems really odd. I removed it from the wireless charger and put it back on and noticed a very faint orange light flashing. I searched online for advice and tried the various reboot methods and has no success. I plugged it into the USB C wired charger and a solid orange light appeared. I left to charge over night and the solid orange light is still there. I tried rebooting again and still nothing…


After further research this seems to be a common issue for Roam devices 1.5-2 years old, I haven’t contacted Sonos support yet because it’s currently the weekend where I am. The default solution is offering a 30% discount however I think that’s unacceptable given the fact that this isn’t an isolated issue. My Xbox 360 lasted longer than my Sonos Roam. This is really disappointing given the fact that other Sonos products are really good, I own a few and recommend the brand to others.


I’d accept a replacement however I would probably opt for a different product altogether, the Roam seems to be a absolute lemon. On top of that I now have a useless overpriced wireless charger that will end up as E-waste.


Sonos, please do better...    

6 replies

Update: I spoke to Sonos customer support and they offered a replacement (outside of warranty), fingers crossed this issue doesn’t happen again with the new device :S

@SleepyRobot They probably do and are trying to save face. Hopefully the Roam Gen 2 is much better! 

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Contact Sonos Support and ask for an upgrade deal on a Move 2?

@Stanley_4 The Move 2 seems to be the superior alternative. I’m reluctant to hand over more money to Sonos, even if they give me an upgrade deal. My Roam should have lasted more than 2 years or at least be repairable. 

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Sonos now offers extended warranties for folks that want more than the one standard year. Talk to them about rolling one into your new purchase.

I don’t have a roam but aside from swelling CR-100 batteries and a dropped CR-200 my Sonos have all kept working for many years. Not sure if my Play 1s or Play 3s are the oldest.

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I wonder if they know the reason for why this happens to a lot of people. Why do so many roams seem to be dying when it's past the 1 year of use mark?