Sonos Roam constantly droped out when grouped with the Sonos Ray in Tv mode only. No problem in music mode.

  • 19 June 2023
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My new Sonos Roam is experiencing constant drop out when grouped with my sound bar (sonos Ray with 2 sonos one) when watching TV mode,  no problem when listening to music mode.  All speakers are same position when watching movies or listening to music. All speakers and Tv are in the same room as router. it happened from day one since I bought the new  sonos Roam 3 days ago. can anyone suggest any solution. Thks


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Hi @Poppyseed, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Unfortunately this is an unsupported setup and there isn’t anything we can do to prevent dropouts without effecting your Home Theatre experience.

Speakers that are grouped with Home Theatre will still have a 75ms delay when playing due to the way the grouping feature works. This is to allow music to pre-buffer so everything can play together in sync. However, it isn’t possible to pre-buffer TV audio, so anything grouped to a Sonos Home Theatre will be delayed by 75ms. This delay can cause dropouts, interruptions, or no audio at all.

You can adjust this delay by going into Settings >> System >> [room name] >> Group Audio Delay. This should resolve the dropouts, but if the Roam is in the same room as your Ray and Sonos Ones, you’ll experience an echo.

I hope this helps!