sonos roam battery is a joke

  • 3 December 2023
  • 2 replies

I'm surprised by the use of a subpar battery in Sonos products, and it's disappointing that they haven't initiated a product recall or offered battery replacements. This experience has eroded my trust in Sonos, and I'm uncertain about relying on them in the future. Additionally, I expected more assistance from customer service. Long story short, if you are facing battery issues with ROAM, that is expected and you just need to live with it. Sonos will not do anything

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2 replies

The batteries are still working fine on two Roams here that are now over 3 years old - it’s a case of perhaps keeping the lithium-ion batteries topped up regularly. I just leave the Roams here either on their Qi charger, or I may power them off fully (5+ sec press on power button and listen for shutdown tones) or use the battery saver, when not in use for any lengthy period. I also discharge/fully charge them every 6 months, or so, to keep their battery in good condition. Similar to a mobile, tablet or small computerised rechargeable device. I still get a good 8+ hours playback from either speaker when they’re taken out & about.

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What battery issues are you having? How exactly are you charging the Roam? Do you have Battery Saver enabled in the Sonos app?