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  • 1 June 2021
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My Sonos Move would not connect to my computer via Bluetooth. It worked previously. So I deleted the instance and tried to re-add without success. I would press the join button, Sonos Move would appear in my device list, I select, then I get error, “Unable to Connect”. So I moved to my Wi-Fi, no issues. So I thought my computer’s Bluetooth dongle was bad. I went to connect to my phone and that’s when I found the problem. Sonos Move was already connected to my phone. I disconnected from my phone, pressed the join button, and my PC connected to the Sonos Move again. Even though the Sonos Move stores up to six devices, it automatically connects to the first device it discovers.  I have a Bose Soundlink and it immediately announces which Bluetooth device I’m connected to. Is there a way for the Sonos Move to tell me which Bluetooth device it’s connected to? If not, is there a way to put in a features request?


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3 replies

The Move in Bluetooth mode normally connects to the last device it was paired with… to break the connection you can simply press "and hold" the rear Bluetooth button again and put the device back into pairing mode, instead of connection mode… and pair it with another device.

Up to 6 paired devices are stored. See this link:

Thank you for your reply. In my case, that did not work. I did press and hold the rear Bluetooth button, it gave that ringing sound to pair, then I tried to pair with my computer and it would not. It was only after I manually disconnected my iPhone that the Sonos Move finally connected.  I still think it would be nice for the Sonos Move to tell me either in the App the last device it was connected to or for the Sonos Move to tell me what it’s currently connected to.

When the Move switches to Bluetooth (quick button press), if it pairs with a device then there is a short (additional) jingle that can heard and it shows in the App (off a Wifi connection) as being used in a Bluetooth connection. The App shows the Move’s battery level too. If you were then to long-press it’s Bluetooth button again, then the paired Move breaks it’s Bluetooth connection and goes into pairing mode. You don’t have to disconnect it from the previous device first? Just give it a few moments after it pairs before long-pressing the Bluetooth button for a second time to initiate pairing.

The name of the device it is connected to is not known - but it can be seen/heard if the device is paired or not. If a previously paired device is not nearby or powered on, then the Move goes into Bluetooth pairing mode anyway.