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  • 13 January 2024
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I would like to purchase a Move 2 that I can use when I travel to vacation rentals. Does it require wifi connection to be set up via the Sonos app? Or can I just power it on and connect via Bluetooth/Airplay like a regular bluetooth speaker?

I saw some Amazon reviews stating it doesn’t connect with bluetooth and wasn’t sure if that was just user error or if this is just software bugs that Sonos has not resolved.

Thanks in advance


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5 replies

You can certainly set it up once at home, and after that use Bluetooth anywhere you desire. 

Thank you for the answers. So will I need to set it up under each new wifi or vacation home i visit? Or can i set it up once in my home network and then use the bluetooth functionality anywhere outside of my home network?


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Of you have to the the initial set up van also be performed with two Phoenix, one provisies wif and one to use the app. You might have to reset the Move to additionele to your system when you get home.

And for the avoidance of doubt, Airplay requires a WiFi network.  This has nothing to do with Sonos - it’s a universal Airplay requirement.  But that doesn’t really matter, given that you have Bluetooth.

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Hello Joya,

The Move 2 must be set up initially over WiFi, with the Sonos app, before connecting a Bluetooth device.

Once this set up is completed for the first time, you are then able to connect to Bluetooth without a WiFi connection.