Roam on holiday - bluetooth knocks out for second time

  • 5 April 2022
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On holiday with my Sonos Roam initially paired with my iPad, then my wife wanted to use so I forgot the device and she paired. On reversal, I have lost all Bluetooth connection and cannot pair. Roam shows only flashing white, green or red light but no blue. I want to reset but it seems can only be done through original network  - but we are in out hotel and so cannot connect. It asks if I want to reset via another I.e. hotel network but this doesn’t seem possible. Is there a way to pair the Bluetooth connection without going through initial setup via the home network? This is the second time in three months this has happened and means I will have to stop taking the Roam on holiday if I keep experiencing this level of drop out.

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2 replies

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Did you accidentally reset the Roam? If you power down the Roam (by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds until you hear a descending chime) then power the Roam back up, can you put the Roam into Bluetooth pairing mode again?

You do not want to reset the Roam when you are away from your home WiFi network.   A reset means you lose everything and have to start over, and that can’t be done without WiFi.

Here’s the guide for pairing on bluetooth.

It doesn’t look like you need to have your iPad forget Roam.  You could just stop the connection or turn off bluetooth.  Probably, your wife could just connect to the Roam and would drop connection to your iPad automatically.

I would take some time before your next vacation to practice pairing Roam between different devices till your comfortable with it.  If you can’t get comfortable with it, then either leave Roam at home or bring a separate BT speaker, one for each of you. 

Here’s how to a factory reset (which you don’t want to do).