Roam Battery will not recharge

  • 28 December 2023
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I have had a Roam SL for 17 months and it was great. My wife tells our friends I carried it throughout the house like a little kid does a blanket. Most of the time, I returned it to the charging base within a couple of hours, never more than 8 hours.

Christmas day I was listening to Sonos radio waiting for guests to arrive. When they came, they asked to watch football so I stopped the Roam, but did not return it to the charging base. The next morning I went for my Roam but it was not on the charging base. I located it and returned it to the base. When I got home from work, there were no lights on the Roam after 9-10 hours on the charging base. I checked the Sonos app and the Roam was listed as “not connected”. 

The next day I tried using the USB-C port to recharge my Roam. The Orange battery light came on and after a while the white light by the Sonos logo started blinking, I was hopeful that it would come back to life, but the battery does not take the recharge. As soon as I unplug the USB-C cable, the lights go off and the Roam is dead again.

I contacted Sonos support twice. First time they said let it charge longer. 2nd said return it and I would get a discount voucher for a replacement product.

My question, does anyone know how long the battery in the Roam should last? I’m not asking about a single charge, how many months / years of recharging is expected? Eventually all re-chargeable batteries do not hold a recharge. I sent this question to Sonos 6 months ago when i was thinking of buying a 2nd Roam, but they never replied.

If 18 months is the expected life, then I have to decide if I want buy a new Roam every 1.5 years or look at another product or manufacturer with a replaceable battery.



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4 replies

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Hi @Ldez24 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Lithium-ion batteries typically last about 900 charges before losing how much they can charge up to - for a smart phone, this generally results in about 2-3 years of daily charging. If you recharge your Roam daily, you can expect a similar lifespan. If you charge it less frequently, it will last longer. This lifespan is also affected by to what levels the battery is discharged and charged - the last 15% or so in each direction is the most “stressful” to the battery.

Roam’s charging is managed by software - it’s possible that a full reboot will take care of things for you if the software has crashed somehow. Please connect to the USB charger once more and wait for the white light - once it stops flashing, the Roam has booted. When that happens, please hold the power button for approximately 15 seconds to fully reboot it, then let it charge for a few hours:

Force Reboot

If your Roam appears to be stuck or frozen, you can perform a Force Reboot by holding down the button on the back of Roam for 15 seconds, or until light above the Sonos logo turns on again.

I hope this helps.

HI Cory. I connected the Roam to the UBS charger, but the the white light by the Sonos logo never stopped flashing. It was on the charger for 24 hours and I tried pressing the power button a few times while the light was flashing, but it would not re-boot. The white light eventually went out and stopped flashing after about 24 hrs. While the white light was flashing, the orange (battery charging) light would occasionally come on also, it was trying to re-charge. 


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Hi @Ldez24 

In that case, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports, and perhaps to look into your replacement options.

Hi @Ldez24 i also have same problem I got this as a present. It’s a couple years old but will not charge. I suggest if u are buying another get boze I have had it for 10 years still working not one problem. The sound is also so much better. Sorry for yr problems it’s frustrating