Regular audio gaps with Roam and Google Pixel 6 Pro via bluetooth?

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Hi all

For the last few months I’ve had a constant issue with playing from my Google Pixel 6 Pro phone to my Roam via bluetooth. I regularly get the audio dropping, just for half a second, often once a track when playing, and I just can’t work out what the issue is. 

I mostly use MediaMonkey Android app as my main music player, but also often use Spotify and Qobuz and find it happens will all apps (ie I’m pretty sure it’s not a specific app issue). 

I have tried by resetting the wifi, mobile & Bluetooth settings on the Pixel 6 Pro, but after repairing with the Roam the problem is exactly the same. I’ve also tried shutting the Roam down and restarting it, but even if I get a few tracks play back glitch free the issue re-occurs after a while. 

Any ideas? 

It’s really frustrating! I use MediaMonkey on my phone and laptop as it’s the most flexible app to let me manage my local music in a way that no streaming services do, so don’t want to stop using it, and the only way to play from MediaMonkey Android to the Roam is via Bluetooth, so I’m stuck with it, and I love the Roam and it really has increased my music listening since getting it two years ago, but I really need to work out why this keeps happening! 

It doesn’t happen with either of my Sony bluetooth headphones or earbuds either, which makes me think it’s an issue with the Pixel 6 Pro and the Roam, but I don’t know which is to blame!

Thank you! :(


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I think its perhaps worth searching Google for this issue, as there are quite a number of returned results the "Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth issues” including answers that involve changing some settings in the Android Developer area of the OS - but maybe look through some of the known issues to see if anything is similar to this and then try the fixes mentioned. There seems to be quite a few things to try, that's briefly looking at the various sites online that discuss bluetooth connectivity with that particular mobile.

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Thanks, yes, I’m trying to work out the best place to ask on Google help sites as well, not easy as they seem to refer you all over the place! 

I’ve been testing with my Samsung S6 Galaxy Tab as well and no issues at all with playback to the Roam. I am pretty sure it’s a Pixel 6 Pro issue, but wondered if any other Roam users had experienced the same issue and might have a solution. 

Looking through the Developer options on the OS and there are a lot, I’ve seen a couple to try, I’ll change one at a time and see if it makes any difference. 

I had also been using a third party equalization app called Wavelet to balance the volume levels for when playlists have a lot of tracks of differing volume levels, but I’ve disabled that and it didn’t make any difference either. 

I had googled but was also including Roam in the search and hadn’t found much relevant, but it’s strange that it only happens with the Roam and not my other Bluetooth devices (ie the Sony earbuds or headphones, or when I’m connected to one of my Alexa speakers via Bluetooth). 

Thanks for the reply, will have another search and do some testing!

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Hmmm. So I did a chat with a Google ‘support executive’ who was very friendly, but her solution was to do a factory reset, which I would rather avoid unless absolutely necessary (as it takes ages to get it set back up as it is now!) or get it replaced in warranty (which would have the same effect as factory reset only take longer to get it back!) 

I very much doubt it’s a hardware issue, I’ll perhaps get better advice on some Android forums to look at other options before I try a full reset and then, if necc, a replacement!

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OK, so coming back on this one. 

I reported the issue to Google and after they couldn’t resolve it they replaced the Pixel 6 Pro. I have the new one, all finally configured to how I like it and guess what….. still the same damn problem! Gah! So it doesn’t seem to be a fault with the phone. 

I have also done a full reset on the Sonos Roam, but that’s till not resolved the issue. Any ideas anyone? Does anyone else have a Pixel 6 Pro and a Roam and can play through bluetooth to see if they have the issue? 

I guess the other two options are that it’s an issue with my Roam, or it’s an issue with the Android software, but whilst I’ve found lots of examples of bluetooth issues with the Pixel 6 Pro it seems to be about losing connectivity or issues connecting, not just intermitted gaps in audio playback.