How to block others from getting control of your Sonos Move via Bluetooth?

  • 27 February 2024
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Hello Dear Sonos Lovers,

Need help with blocking any unwanted bluetooth connexion to my Sonos Move PLEASE! The bluetooth on the back is not turned on but my stepson found a way to control my Sonos Move which is working on wifi! How can I be the SOLE MASTER of my Sonos???🤔🤔🤔

Because not beeing able to listen to the music you want at the sound level you like without having someone else in the household controling your device, that becomes REALLY FAST ANNOYING!!!😧😠😤

Thanks so much in advance if anybody out there knows how to help 👍😊


Best answer by 106rallye 27 February 2024, 10:07

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4 replies

Have you changed the WiFi password for non guest users — forcing the kids to use only as a guest?

I don’t know anything with respect to your relationship with other family members, but if we could have (SONOS did not exist back then) pranked the parents, they would have pranked us, and after a few days of chaos, truce would have been declared by all.

Just tested the guest WiFi comment, and users were still able to access my Sonos platform even while connecting to the guest network.  So not sure this is true.  Would love to be able to control who my Sonos system while also sharing WiFi. 

Thank you 106rallye for this advice; I even didn’t know this possibility.

Can’t wait to try 😉

Have a great day!

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Sonos devices are “open” to everyone that has access to your wifi. If you do not want that you need to set up a guest wifi for the people in your house you do not want to access the system.