Can’t pair Sonos Roam using Bluetooth

  • 22 December 2021
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Hey there,

I’m unable to pair the Roam via Bluetooth with my iPhone or iPad. When I try to follow the directions online, I only received a flashing green light and the device doesn’t show up on my phone or tablet in my Bluetooth preferences.


I tried a factory reset which may have actually screwed me because I’ve read that I first need to set up the Roam when on a wifi network. I’m currently away from home which means I can’t sign into or alter my Sonos account.


Am I missing something? Can’t I simply use the roam as a Bluetooth speaker (like other Bluetooth speakers) without having to log into my Sonos app?


Any help appreciated!

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4 replies

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You can indeed pair bluetooth devices. Sadly, in the situation you’re in (having factory reset the speaker), you need internet access to set it up again. It’s all explained in the manual...

Thanks for the reply. I actually do have internet access, but because I’m away, I’m on a different network than my Sonos system. I tried installing via the app to no avail. Should I be able to install through the app despite not being on my network (where my system is located)?

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You could try setting it up as a new system, then factory reset and add to existing when you get home?

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Are you on a normal network or an hotel network? A hotel network will not let your phone “see” the speaker, so set up will not work.