Can my Roam work with Echo Dot without having to reset it constantly?

  • 29 November 2022
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My situation:

I bought a Roam to replace my Echo Dot (2nd gen) & Oontz Angle 3 setup. 

1st problem: Alexa doesn’t work on Sonos in my country. This incredibly pissed me off, as that’s why I bought it. Alexa is mentioned on every add for the Roam in the Czech Republic, and nowhere (other than this group) is it mentioned that it doesn’t work. It turns out that Sonos knows this, but doesn’t bother to tell prospective customers. So now I trust Sonos about as much as a used car salesman.

2nd problem: The speaker sounds amazing, so I decide to just pair it with my Echo dot. It works fine at first, but after a day or two, music starts skipping. After deleting the dormant bluetooth pairings on the Echo dot, this was fixed.

3rd problem: The Roam randomly drops the BT connection. (I have them almost next to each other). So now I have to constantly go into the app to reconnect them. Side note: 2 years with the Oontz, and probably did that three times total.

4th problem: I’m getting fed up with my expensive speaker being high maintenance, so I factory reset it, and updated the firmware, again. This appears to fix problems for about two days. Then today, the Echo turned blue for a while, the connection dropped and reconnected a few times, and now says it’s connected, but it won’t play any sound - voice or music through that connection. (It plays through Sonos voice commands). While I’m sure another factory reset will fixt it, I almost can’t be bothered anymore. I didn’t pay this much money for a piece tech that I need to reset weekly..

My question: Is there anything else that I should be doing?

I want to use this speaker, when it works, it sounds incredible. And the size and look is nice too. But I’ve already wasted way too much time configuring something that should basically be plug and play. 

Any advice?

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1 reply

If you change your location for Sonos to the UK, does that change anything? Just out of academic interest, as I am really not sure what the effect will be.