AirPlay 2 problem and Sonos roam.

  • 23 November 2023
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Hey all,


I recently acquired a Sonos Roam speaker that I want to share between my smartphone (iPhone 14) and my wife's smartphone (iPhone 13).

The 2 smartphones are up to date as far as iOS is concerned.

The Sonos application is installed on the iPhone 14 to install the device and control it.


When I want to stream music in AirPlay 2 from the iPhone 14, it works fine.

When I want to do the same thing from iPhone 13, I get the message "unable to connect to Sonos Roam". The most surprising thing is that the error message is immediate, as if there were a setting on the iPhone that forbade AirPlay 2!!!!


What's the problem???


As for the Bluetooth connection, it works perfectly on both iPhones.

It even seems to me that the Bluetooth connection is more stable than the one with AirPlay 2!

When the AirPlay connection is lost, the Sonos Roam is unable to recover it. You have to switch it off, then on again, and re-establish the connection from the iPhone.


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3 replies

I tried the suggestions in the previous 2 posts ... without success.

Finally, I decided to reset the Sonos Roam and redefine it, and, Oh surprise, everything works correctly both in Bluetooth and AirPlay 2!!!!

Thank you,

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Have you updated the iOS on your wife’s iPhone? If not...please do and test again. Also make sure your iPhone is not trying to airplay to the Roam.

I’d be tempted to also reboot the router, too.

I switch between Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 frequently on my Roam, and have no issues with either method.