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  • 27 May 2023
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Since 23rd May I can no longer play my android files via my Play 1. This speaker is not bluetooth capable so why has Sonos degraded my usability?


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9 replies

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Check out this post:


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Thanks 'Star. 

'As newer versions of mobile operating systems are released, it can sometimes change the way information is shared between devices.' 

All sounds a bit vague doesn't it? Is this one of those times or not?

The fact is I can't listen to my own music collection anymore on Sonos without buying a new speaker, my Play One not being bluetooth capable.

Yet another techno-swizz. Who do they think they are - Apple?


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Sonos says this feature was made unstable by Google. Maybe they think they’re Apple?

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Whoever they think they are, they've got another think coming if they think they'll get another penny out of me.


YAT….Yet Another Thread….

As I’ve pointed out in several other threads, and as we went through when Apple stopped allowing this on iOS, most of the provided options have zero money making potential for Sonos.

Google appears to be forcing this change, and in the thread kindly linked by @GuitarSuperstar , there is a good summary of those options for getting around this change to the Android operating system. 

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'Getting round these changes' means I'll end up listening to ads - 

Right to Monetize

You grant to YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access)

And I have to agree to the possibility of 'future charges.'

You can view it anyway you like but as a Sonos user with a Play One device I have to spend money to get back the service I used to have.

Unless Sonos would like to upgrade my kit for free?

Sonos doesn’t run those ads that you might listen to, they’re run by the streaming services. 

You don’t have a desktop machine? That’s most unfortunate. 

I’ve already been through this whole process as an iOS user, when Apple forced the closure of ‘play from this device’ when they changed access permissions in iOS. My initial move of my music was to my Mac, but I eventually chose to move it all to an NAS. But I can’t blame Sonos when the maker of the operating system blocks the functionality that Sonos was using.