Xfinity Stream on FireTV

  • 18 November 2022
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I’m using an Insignia FireTV and some apps, despite S2 reporting a dolby digital signal, will NOT send sound to my rear speakers.  I’m using a Playbar with a connect Amp feeding surrounds.  Some apps like Netflix work perfectly, but others such as Xfinity Stream and Paramount Plus won’t send sound to the rears.  I tried streaming the same exact content via Roku ultras and it worked.  Anyone experience anything similar?  I’m leaning towards this being an issue with the apps or the tv itself but figured I’d start here. 


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If it’s working with one stream, but not another, it’s pretty clear the issue isn’t with Sonos. Is the Dolby Digital signal being reported a 5.1, or a 2.0? 

I think your instincts are likely correct, and it’s an issue with the apps in use. I’d be double checking any audio ‘settings’ they may have, and looking to see if Insignia has an update for that FireTV’s firmware. But I’m also confused by the Sonos reading a Dolby Digital signal, but only playing in stereo.

One anecdote which may or may not be related. When I lived in Texas, the local CBS station carried the Cowboys preseason games, using a Dolby Digital signal. However, the games were being sent to them in stereo, so there was essentially no content on the center channel, the Sub, or the surrounds. The Sonos was receiving a 5.1 signal, but the actual audio encoded in that 5.1 signal was only stereo.