unable to group playbar and one

  • 21 January 2023
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I have 4 play one and 1 playbar . Recently upgraded to 2 Sonos one and a sub mini and disconnected my existing play one 

I tried to group the playbar with Sonos one and sub mini to get a 5.1 but it’s not working . 
I have grouped Sonos one and sub mini as one unit and playbar as another. 
everytime I pay Tv or music I try to group the two but it’s not working . Only playbar works and it plays only on playbar how to rectify this

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4 replies

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Just be clear on the terminology:  It is possible to bond a Sub and two players of the same type as rear surround speakers to any Sonos sound bar, to create a Home Theater (HT) setup. (Please note, you can’t bond a single Play: One)

In addition you can group different Sonos Rooms together in the Sonos App, to output the same audio, however there will be a delay of about 1-2 seconds when combining a HT Room to other Sonos Rooms.

There are also two settings in the Sonos App>Settings>System>[your HT] to TV Autoplay and to Ungroup the HT from other groups.



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See my answer on the other topic you opened about this here: 


Thanx for an immediate reply . I have places all of them in living room . Playbar is in the front adjacent to Tv and beside that is sub mini . And 2 ONE’s on the back to make it as 5.1 . I have disconnected all the PLAY 1 

I have grouped 2 ONES and sub mini together as it cannot be grouped with playbar All together I guess 

this is what I understand playbar is old gen and Sonos one new gen . Is it why incompatible ?

I’m using S2 app is it why play bar is not able to group with ONE’sn submini ?

do I need to downgrade and use the S1 app to group everything ?

also tried voice assistance “Hey Sonos” not able to understand Indian Hindi songs !!! Using Apple Music as default . Can we use 2 or multiple supports like apple and Spotify 

Thnx once again

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Could we please not discuss this in two places on the same forum? Since this does not seem to be an Alexa problem (but is filed in that corner of the forum), maybe we could go on here: