Surrounds & Sub cut out - 14.20.1

  • 18 December 2022
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Playbar, Sub, (2) Ones.

The sub and surrounds cut out during use, random times, random durations.  Already factory reset and added system again, problem still exists.  OS 14.20.1, speakers & app.





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1 reply

Please don’t factory reset again unless told to, you’re not addressing the issue, and erasing data from the speakers that might help Sonos help you.

Not much information in your post to go on, but as you indicate a PLAYBAR, my mind goes to the one way optical connection, which can only handle Dolby Digital. Since the PLAYBAR can’t communicate back to the TV via CEC, it’s possible your TV or the device feeding the TV is possibly trying to send a signal ‘higher’ than Dolby Digital to through the optical connection. Check the settings on your TV and the source device(s) to ensure the maximum possible signal being sent is a Dolby Digital signal, and not possibly Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, or Dolby Atmos signal. Any attempt to send those through the optical cable will result in a dropout. 

I’m assuming since you indicated a version number of 14.20.1 that you’re using S2, not S1.

Have you tried to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it?