Surrounds got disconnected. Had to reset one to connect.

  • 29 July 2023
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I discovered that my surrounds weren’t playing any movie audio, so I opened up the Sonos app. I don’t really use it often. I think this is the first time I opened it this year. One of my Play:1s showed up as “Not configured”. When I clicked the wrench it said that it didn’t have the right software version or something. I mixed up which one it was on the app so I ended up unplugging the right side speaker (RS) and plugging it back in. Then I saw that one said Play:1 (LS) and the other said Play:1 with nothing. So I factory reset the LS speaker (again due to confusion) and added it back to my surround room. But I saw the same thing.

I disconnected the surrounds and got a message again that the Play:1 that I just factory reset wasn’t added to my system, so I added it to my surround room again and then it recognized that both Play:1s were added to the room and asked if I wanted to make them surrounds. I got through the wizard without an issue and now both surrounds are connected; one says Play:1 (RS) and the other says Play:1 (LS). I thought I’d share this with the community in case someone else comes across the issue.

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3 replies

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Hey @Ygggg , welcome back! 🙂

I’m glad you were able to sort the issue of your surrounds missing and thank you for sharing the steps taken to resolve it.

Generally we suggest factory reset only as a last resort, simply because valuable information stored in the speaker for troubleshooting is lost in the process.

It appears that there was a miscommunication whilst your system was being updated, de-configuring your Home Theatre setup.

For future reference, I’d advice you to simply remove surrounds via the Sonos App, reboot the speakers, complete any updates requested via the App and re-add them as surrounds.

@Sotiris C. Thanks for responding. This ended up happening again, so I connected with Sonos support over live chat. It took almost 40 minutes, but they guided me through reconnecting the speaker to SonosNet. What showed up in the app was the Play:1 (LS) showed up as “Not registered”. The Support person guided me through resolving this.

I had to unplug the speaker, plug it into the router, then plug it back in. Then choose System > Network > Manage Networks > Update Networks for the device. Then it showed up, but the other surround lost the (RS) designation. So they told me to reset it by unplugging it for 30 seconds. Then I reconnected it using the wizard. Now everything seems to be working again.

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Surrounds are not directly part of Sonosnet, but have a direct 5Ghz connection to the soundbar (that might be connected to Sonosnet).