Sub 3 On/Off toggle in app is inverted?1

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Hi all!

After reading about 14.6 update issue, it’s now my time to get affected by it.

Sub on/off toggle is inverted.

Any way of solving this, aside having the toggle OFF when I want the sub on?

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Hi @marinheira,


Thanks for reaching out.

We are aware of the issue and our developers are currently looking into it, however, there is currently no timeframe for a resolution.

The only workaround at the moment is to toggle the setting to visually display the opposite of what you’d like the Sub to do. 

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i, @James L. 

I ended up finding out that also the surrounds (two One SLs) were not emitting any sound (in spite of being active in the app).

I found out that power cycling both the Sub and the One SLs did the trick.

Sub toggle is now working properly and Surrounds are working as expected.

Hope this solves it for good...