Sonos Setup for Outdoor TV

  • 16 October 2022
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Hey Sonos gurus! I’ve read through all of the outdoor TV wiring setup topics and couldn’t find a solution to my current setup and what I’d like to do. 

I’ve got a home with a detached garage that is about 100 feet from the house.

Current Setup:

  • Living Room - Playbar with 2 surrounds (Play:1’s) and SUB
  • Attached to the back of the house: Connect:Amp + 2 Sonance Outdoor Speakers
  • 1 Play:1 in master bedroom.


  • Sonos Connect attached to an AV receiver with Left/Center/Right speakers. The connect is “hardwired” via a mesh access point. 

I am adding a TV mounted inside my garage with an extra long-arm to swing out via a second interior garage door for outdoor movie nights. My garage is a 1-car garage with doors on either side to allow for a second car to be parked inside the fence line. 

Ideal Setup: I’d love to be able to use the Connect setup (Left/Center/Right + Receiver) in combination with the Connect:Amp setup (2 Solance speakers) to play the audio from the outdoor TV. I do not believe this is possible as the Connect setup isn’t made for a home theater setup in Sonos terms (w/ surround). I believe what I will have to do is buy either a Playbar or Beam to replace the Connect setup and pair that with the Connect:Amp setup for surrounds. If I do this - will I need to hardwire the Beam/second Playbar to allow for this setup? Or can I set the Beam/Playbar up without a hardwired connection and allow for surround setup with the Solance Connect:Amp hardwired connection?

Theoretically I could run speaker wire from the garage to the house to the Solance speakers and just run it all as a normal 5 speaker setup, but I’d love some of the Sonos functionality and would need to run wire which would be a decent amount of effort. 

All of my current devices are WM:0 minus the single Play:1 in the master bedroom.

Thoughts / suggestions?

Edit: One idea I’ve thought through is buying a second power cord for the Playbar and just moving that to the outdoor setup when it is in use, then changing the surround setup from the two interior Play:1’s to the two Solance’s depending on if I’m viewing the living room TV or the outdoor TV.


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Hi @Cameron3237 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Your proposed solution should work - though the currently available sound-bar models are Ray, Beam and Arc. Amp (the Connect:Amp replacement) also has an HDMI port, so it’s an option too (if you want to use the L/R speakers connected to your AV receiver). You will only be able to get second-hand Playbars now.

I wouldn’t recommend only ethernet-wiring the Connect:Amp, however - it would be better to only ethernet-wire whichever new product you obtain, or let everything use your WiFi (seeing as you have a mesh node there in the garage).

I hope this helps.