Sonos Beam with two Sonos One Speakers - Surround Sound Stopped Working - Check Network Connection?

  • 15 October 2022
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I have a surround sound setup with a Sonos Beam and two Sonos One speakers. It has been working great for the past year or so and just recently the Sonos One speakers have been disconnected from the system. 

I reset my router, performed a factory reset on all three speakers, reconnect everything, and then when I try to setup surround, I keep getting a message that “There was a problem. Check network connection and power.” Network has no issues and all speakers are connected to power (I’ve tried this process a number of times as well). 

I’m thinking the WiFi receiver in one (or both) of the Sonos One speakers is having issues. At one point, I was able to reconnect the surround setup (doing the same exact process), but then the next day speakers weren’t connected. 

It’s frustrating because I can connect all speakers to the network, and listen on each speaker individually or together. But when I try to “Setup Surrounds” it has an error and my only option is to exit the setup or try again. When I exit setup the System is setup will say “Living Room (+?+?)”. Like it knows the surrounds should be there, but it can’t find them. Once it gets here, there are no options to reconnect the One’s, cannot “Add Product” and find them, my only option is to factory reset the One speakers again.

Curious if anyone has experience a similar issue and might have some insight into the issue. Or if I simply have a faulty speaker (which would be unfortunate given it’s a relatively new setup). 

Thank you for any help!

1 reply

Which router do you have? 

Is the Beam wired to the network? If so has its 'WiFi' been disabled?