Sonos Beam randomly disconnecting from TV using ARC

  • 23 October 2022
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I’m looking for some help.

I’ve recently just upgraded my setup to a new LG OLED55CS6LA OLED TV, my Sonos Beam is connected to HDMI 2 (the ARC port) and for the first few days worked without any issues.

Starting last night - the Beam would just randomly disconnect and revert back to the TV Speaker completely randomly. 

I have tired resetting both the Beam and the TV to factory settings, using a different HDMI cable but it is still dropping out randomly. Less frequently than last night but the issue is still there. It’s intermittent and difficult to replicate without watching the TV for a while. 

Is there any known compatibility issues with LG TV’s? My Samsung never had any problems, I have emailed LG for support but just seems strange as it’s a brand new TV.

When it dropped out last night these were the messages I got on the Sonos App below. 

Tonight- I’ve worked out if I reboot just the TV it fixes it. Until it happens again!!



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1 reply

What devices do you have connected to your TV? It sounds suspiciously like a CEC issue, where a malformed command is stealing the speaker sink connection from the Sonos. 

If you can, turn off CEC on all devices except the Sonos and the TV, and see if that helps.