sonos beam not syncing with Xfinity and Apple Tv

  • 4 November 2023
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My Sonos Beam is working for music and on the base Sony Bravia TV home page, but for some reason it won’t sync with Xfinity or Apple TV. 

I can adjust sound on the Sonos app when I enter apps via my Sony home page (which never get used) or if I switch to play music. But whenever I try to watch normal TV (basic tv via xfinity cable) or switch the input to my Apple TV, I cannot get any sound.

Any insights are greatly appreciated. 


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6 replies

Success! Thank you!

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In the Apple TV settings, set the Change Format setting to ON and the New Format to Dolby Digital 5.1. 

Set the TV to these settings (if available):

Digital Audio Out: Auto 1

Dolby Digital Plus Output: Dolby Digital

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How is the Beam connected to the TV? How are the Xfinity box and Apple TV connected to the TV? What specific model Sony TV do you have? Do you have a Beam Gen 1 or Gen 2? What model Apple TV do you have?

Apologies - it’s a Sonos Playbar, not a beam.

Xfinity wifi box and Apple TV (4k 3rd generation) are both connected to Sony Bravia TV with HDMI cords. 

The playbar is connected to the tv through a digital audio in (optical).

Thanks. I was able to change the Apple TV format settings to Dolby Digital 5.1.  The TV settings I have set at Auto 1 but no output option for Dolby Digital.


Still no sound unfortunately. It’s so odd because the sound works for other platforms, including the TV home page, which tells me it isn’t a connection problem.


I am just unsure if the issue is relation Sony, Xfinity, Sonos, or a combination.  Was working fine two nights ago and then just randomly stopped working the next morning.


Very much appreciate your attempts to help. 



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Unplug the TV and Playbar from power for a couple of minutes. And disconnect and reconnect the Apple TV and Xfinity box.