Sonos beam and Surround One PS4 Audio Sync (philips 4k tv)

  • 3 October 2020
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Was having a seemingly common issue with my newly acquired Sonos Beam/ One surround setup. the Audio was out of Sync but I couldn’t push it in the right direction via the app. After doing lots of reading on reddit and the support groups here I tried the following tweaks.

I switched out the HDMI from the TV out and used Optical - noticed a crisper wider sound but lip sync not improved.

I then removed the PlayStation VR setup attached to PS4 Pro.

This solved the problem straight away. Sound locked via PS4 now.

Bit annoying I will have to plumb it back in every time we want to use VR but its not our go to so I’d rather have Lip sync on and better sound anytime. 

A lot of grumpiness about Sonos when I think for the most part its add on kit that causes the issues 



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7 replies

How does the issue with attaching the Sony VR equipment causing a delay in the PS4’s output the fault of Sonos?

It’s clearly not! That was the point of the post obviously! A lot of people have been moaning about lip sync and I was having the same issues and found a solution so I shared it! Try reading the post properly 

however since doing a but more research and testing I’ve discovered that it’s the Dolby processing in the PS4 which is causing the delay which is very frustrating as that means you have to run the PS4 PCM only if you want it in sync - I’m not sure the gear is right for me as I like my audio in sync! And that is Sonos fault as the way they have the gear set up doesn’t allow you to wire it properly unlike a traditional Av system - there is no way to get the picture and audio in sync using DOlby Digital 

When I read ‘A lot of grumpiness about Sonos’ I thought it would have been more appropriate to be grumpy about Sony, but I’ve clearly offended you, my apologies.

I’m sorry if I came across as grumpy- spent two hours trying to fix this and a bit frustrated that it doesn’t appear to be fixable - it’s confusing that the PS4 worked fine with the AV setup but not with the Sonos setup - I feel this should be acknowledged by Sonus that their kit isn’t suitable for PS4’s before we buy the kit. Have added Amazon and Netflix to my Virgin box so can watch movies on that platform now but gaming is out of sync if I want surround sound - so at some point I will have to sell this kit and buy something else which works! As PS4 used to work and now doesn’t I’m not sure how or why and I can’t find a solution online there doesn’t seem to be anything else to do about it. Sonos should update the website to reflect the incompatibility of the equipment with Games consoles 

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@TheRealMamil I am not sure that it is the PS4 at fault here.  I have a PS4 and Sonos Beam and have never had a lip sync issue in games, shows, or movies coming from the PS4.  I use hdmi arc, and Dolby Digital output from the PS4.  I would check the audo settings on your TV to make sure there is not something there that may need attention.


How do you like PlayStation VR, by the way?  I am considering the purchase to have a more immersive Star Wars:  Squadrons experience!

Thanks for the reply - PSVR is great - you need a decent amount of space but having played oculus and PSVR the games and general user experience is better on PSVR for me- we play it more as it’s part of the whole system. 

also use arc and DD from PS4 but can only get sun on PCM - TV is in sync on Virgin box also on DD so not sure what the difference is as the TV settings are the same for both

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 I have a TCL tv and had issues until I changed the settings on the TV.  Not sure Phillips would be the same, but the TCL defaulted to AUTO.  Once I changed that to DD being default (make sure not to choose DD+), a never had another issue with sound formats or delay of any kind.