Sonos Arc + Play One SL x2 Sync Issue...

  • 23 May 2022
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Sonos Arc + Play One SL x2 + Sub (Gen 3), Apple TV 4K, HD Fury Arcana, LG-OLED65B16LA

I’ve had lots of issues regarding lip sync with the Apple TV, Arc and LG TV but they seem to be sorted with the purchase of the HDFury Arcana. Sometimes the x2 Play One SL’s become out of sync with the Arc.

The sound coming from the Arc matches the TV and there is no lip sync issue but there is around a second delay between the Arc and the Play One SL’s. 

The clearest example is when you press left/right on the Apple TV remote that plays a feedback sound and then 1 second later, the rear Play One SL’s then play the sound.

Turning the Play One SL’s off at the power for 20 seconds and then rebooting them solves the problem. I’m currently having to do this around once a week.

Can anyone help please?

1 reply

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More than likely, you are experiencing the same problem that many other users are experiencing where the Sub and surround audio either cuts out completely or you experience a delay from the surrounds. Sonos is aware of the problem. Read more here: