Sonos Arc dies after 2 weeks

  • 2 December 2022
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My 2 week old Sonos Arc died yesterday. Used it during the afternoon without issues and at night, when I connected the TV again, it not longer registered. Followed all the instructions ( rebooting the router, reconnecting the power cable, etc.. ) and nothing worked. The Sonos Arc is completely dead - touching the buttons doesn’t do anything. 

Sub + Sonos One SL are still powered on and register when I touch the buttons - no power issues at all. 

All my home theater devices are connected to power surge protected extension cords. The TV is connected to the same extension as the Arc - so is the sub. All are working just fine. My Sonos Arc was a refurbished model - maybe it was a dud? 

Tried to reach the support team with no success - Live chat says no representatives are available and phone number for Portugal is disconnected.

How can I get help? I can’t seem to even find an e-mail contact. I’d like to active my warranty as soon as possible so I can get a replacement. 

Thank you. 


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Number was incorrect. There was an additional 0 at the start of the number. Already spoke with a support technician, very friendly and very helpful. Gave me some additional tests to run, including a factory reset procedure. I will call back once it’s done. 

I tried via that link. I’m given the option to call or chat with a representative. Number is disconnected and chat says no one is available. It isn’t looking like it will be a seamless process - can’t even reach tech support. 

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Mod Edit: corrected URL to not include US language, and to go to technical support.

Turning it on. Regardless, the Arc no longer appears on the app nor does it show any signs of being powered on. It’s definitely dead. 

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Just curious...are you just turning the tv on…or as you state, reconnecting it?