Sonos allowing multiple speakers in a channel

  • 1 March 2024
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I have a Home Theatre set up consisting of an Arc, 2 Era 300s and a sub. As such this itself is a 7.1.4Dolby Atmos setup. However, I still have 2 speakers left in my ceiling which are not part of this set up and it is because currently, there is no way to add any more speakers to these channels. I have connected an amp to these and so they are compatible with S2 but because the app does not recognize them as a part of the HT system, they are there but stand alone. So despite of having multiple speakers, I am not able to take full advantage of it. This is possible to remedy by doing what is suggested next. 

My suggestion to Sonos is : Allow external speakers to be added per channel. Like when I set up the HT, the app should ask me, do I have more speakers to add? and I say : Yes, the app should now try to locate the Amp and say you want to add this? I say: Yes, the app then chose the left and right channels and adds those speakers…. but the real thing comes no…. the app now also asks me : do you want to set it up between arc and 300s or after era 300s. In this case, Era 300s are considered to be the primary surrounds …… and placement of additional speakers will be based on the position Era 300s. 

One more idea is : allow placement of 2 Arcs…. One in front and one in rear….. just like we have 2 subs…. now think,,,, how immersed you will be …… and that would be real 360 immersive spatial surround sound….. A complete game changer I believe…. sound will have to be re-written and experienced ….. 

Sonos can do it…. And I can test it…. :) 

What are your thoughts???? A comment from Sonos engineering team will be greatly appreciated…. :)

1 reply

I like the idea. It’s something we, as a community, has been asking for over several years.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting someone from Sonos engineering to respond. The only Sonos folks who are present in this Community Forum are Sonos Forum moderators. I would assume they encourage other a Sonos employees not to read this forum, I certainly encouraged my game development engineering team to read the précis provided by our moderators, rather than wasting their time actually monitoring the forums. Certainly, since I’ve been a member of this forum, no one from Engineering has ever responded to a thread. 

Additionally, Sonos never announces feature changes in advance (or at the most, a couple of weeks before hand, for marketing purposes), so we are unlikely to know whether or not it is actually being released until it happens. Given that we have been asking for it for years and years, I’m going to suggest the chances are extremely low….but I’ve been surprised before.