samsung tv remote issues controlling volume on Sonos Beam

  • 20 November 2021
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Hi, I recently purchased the Sonos Beam Shadow Edition from Costco.

I have a Samsung TV, which doesnt have an Arc port so I used the other attachment. Forgot the type.

Anyways I’m able to sync my samsung TVs remote to the Sonos soundbar and control the volume.

However when I turn the TV off and on again, the TV remote defaults back to controlling the TVs volume AND the sound bar.


What do I do?

6 replies

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According to your TV does have HDMI-ARC:

This is the closest manual. It’s sort of ‘Universal’, but it seems that you should have an HDMI-ARC input. Examine the HDMI jacks. HDMI 2 or HDMI 3 are typically the ARC inputs and they will be labeled as such.

Since this is a generic Samsung TV manual, I doubt that it will satisfy your “step by step” request. Connect BEAM to the HDMI(ARC) port. As a minimum you’ll need to enable Anynet+ on page 30. You’ll probably also need to set a Sound Mode on page 35 to mute the TV’s speakers.

Beam usually figures things from this point.

I have this TV:

and a Roku Ultra box


the TV does not have an HDMI Arc port I dont believe, so im using the attachment that came with the sonos sound bar

Each TV and cable box is different. What are the model numbers?

Thanks Buzz, do you have a link or some step by step guide on how to do this?

The TV should be set to use external speakers. This will usually mute the internal TV speakers. My preferred setup would be to claim to the TV remote that you want to control an A/V receiver. Pick an arbitrary receiver model, then train BEAM to use that Volume control IR. With this scheme the TV remote will never control the TV speaker Volume. You could specify the same receiver model for the cable box remote’s Volume control.