room dimensions influencing soundbar choice

  • 24 December 2022
  • 3 replies

more i read, more uncertain i become in choice of sonos arc or beam gen2.

room size of 6.49m x 3.71m (24sq/m)

65” tv wall mounted half way on 6.49m length

sensibly is the beam gen 2 the one that will give best results 



3 replies

“Best” sound is in the ear of the listener. The two units sound different to me. For surround, both units would require rear speakers. SUB adds a lot of fun for the chase scenes and will increase the midrange clarity by offloading bass from the main unit.

hi, thanks for reply TV on open wall, arc would be mounted to maximise upward speakers (connected to existing tv mount). assume beam 2 more direct, same audio quality, just not surround experience.


Are you interested in surround sound? ARC is more advanced in this respect.

Is the TV mounted in a cabinet or on an open wall? Neither ARC or BEAM would be optimum if the TV is recessed in a shelving system, but BEAM would be somewhat more appropriate for this case.