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  • 14 January 2023
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I configured my isp tv box remote to work with my playbar, but both the volume +/- and channel +/- are controlling the volume, so when zapping I also make the volume go up and down. The channel +/- also control the volume in a weird way, so after some time I need to adjust it via the app.

I have looked around the app and help, but  I can't find a way to remove or replace the remote other than disabling IV, but that also means I can't change the volume then.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


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9 replies

Which model TV are you using?

Disable “Use IR” under TV Setup 

Unfortunately no other option. Disappointing part of Sonos!



Go to the TV and cable box remotes and indicate that you want to control Volume to a DENON receiver. Now you can set PLAYBAR to respond to DENON receiver Volume commands.

The playbar is using the volume controls. The problem is that the channel up and down buttons also change the sound. 

So going up in the channels increases volumes and goind down decreases it.


I’ve ran the remote setup on app more than once, but it keeps doing it. I just want to remove the box remote from controlling the bar, because I would just the tv one for the sound, but can’t find a way to.

What model TV and set top box are you using?

In the set top box setup claim that you want to control an A/V receiver. The model number of the receiver is arbitrary, just don’t specify a model that is nearby. Now you can train PLAYBAR to use these Volume commands.

The remote doesn’t need the app to work, so deleting the app will not do anything I think.

but thank you for you help anyway.

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Maybe, if no other suggestions are forthcoming, delete the app, then reinstall it and set up the controller again? 

i did and the same thing happens. That’s why I wanted to remove that remote, because otherwise just changing channels changes the volume.

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In Settings for that room, try the Remote Control Setup process again.