Port and submini

  • 11 March 2023
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hi :) 

i have a beam + sub mini + 2 one set up, 

i just connected my turn table to port and playing auto on my set up, I noticed there is no bass come from sub mini at all, 

is this meant to be or am i doing something wrong? 

many thanks 




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2 replies


thanks for the reply, turns out silly switched off sub audio in app :/ 

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If you stream music to the Beam setup from the Sonos app, do you hear any bass from the Sub Mini?

Are any of your speakers in your Beam setup wired with an ethernet cable? Do you have Wi-Fi enabled on all speakers in the Sonos app?

Try setting Audio Delay under the Line-In settings for the Port to a higher setting. And set Audio Compression to Uncompressed in the Sonos app.