Playbar optical input fault

  • 14 April 2023
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I’ve changed my TV  to wall hanging and thus the playbar also to wall hanging - hence I’ve had to change the previous optical / toslink cable to a new one with 90-degree plugs. In principle I only need this on the backside of my TV, but the cable has 90-degree plugs at both ends.
Oddly my Playbar keeps saying it does not receive sound signal from the TV via the new cable - however I can see there is a red light in the cable so a signal should be there.
I’ve tried resetting the Playbar and installing it again, but it’s still the same.

I’ve tried the connection again with the old cable (with straight plugs) which works.

Anyone good ideas?
…..other then to use the excuse to upgrade to an Arc.

Rgs and thanks



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6 replies

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What type is your new cable?

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I suspect the new cable is damaged, if the old cable works.

Thanks for your suggestions.
The new cable doesn’t even have a brand name, I choose it for it’s double angled plugs, but I’ll try and order brand named cable instead.

I’ve had an optical cable with 90 degree ends, it was incredibly hard to ensure that I inserted them in the appropriate manner. Make sure you have it oriented properly, and fully seated. If there’s extra space in there, you might get occasional dropouts. 

Thanks Bruce
I have checked both plugs as I thought that could also be the problem, but they seem to both be fully and properly inserted/connected.
As mentioned in my initial post there is light in the cable so there should be a connection, but I guess there could be internal damages in the cable which means the light is not passed through correctly.
But admittedly I did go for the cheapest cable solution, and the only one with 90-degree plugs at both ends.
I’m receiving better cables tomorrow - so fingers crossed for that.

Thanks for your inputs. 
New cable fixed the problem and retailer refunded the first cable 😃