PC Dolby Atmos, loud electrical noise in surrounds

  • 17 April 2021
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I have a PC with an Nvidia GTX 1060 hooked up to an LG CX conntected to my Sonos Arc SL, Sub Gen 3, and 2 One SLs hooked up as surrounds. I downloaded Dolby Access and was able to successfully see Dolby Atmos reflected in the Sonos app, however when I went to play non-Atmos  sound I had a loud buzz come out of the One SLs, this has happened a couple times trying to get Atmos to work. I had set the TV to pass through, but then it seemed the non-Atmos surround sound didn’t work, so I set it to Auto and it seemed like everything was great until I came back after a half hour and tried to play a youtube video and had that god awful noise. I’m wondering if my HDMI cable from the pc is too low quality, as I’m having an issue enabling HDR on the TV after changing the port to pc mode.

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1 reply

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Replacing the HDMI cable would be a good step, but I’m not sure whether that’s the root cause of your issue. The buzzing sound could be due to the TV sending incomplete/corrupt data to the surrounds if it’s expecting one codec (i.e. Atmos) and receiving another (i.e. PCM). That would definitely be unusual but might explain why you’re getting that unwanted sound from the rear channels only. Does your TV have a pass-through option or something similar? I see you’ve tried Auto but I’m wondering if there’s anything else in the options menu you could try. Also, when you experience the buzzing noise, what does the Sonos app report as the codec being played?