Pair Sonos Arc with iPad 4

  • 22 December 2020
  • 1 reply



I would like to pair my Sonos Arc with my iPad 4. I’ve set up everything but it seems the app can’t play the music. The streaming is not working at all! I’ve already tried deleting the app and reinstall it, but the same problem happens. How can I be sure that it’s not a network connectivity issue?

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1 reply

When you say pair, do you mean connect? When talking about speakers, the word pair implies a stereo pair of speakers, where the right channel is coming out of one, and the left channel is coming out of the other. You can not have one channel coming from the iPad and the other coming from the Arc. 

Sonos is a networked music player, and Apple has blocked the ability for Sonos and other companies to play the music stored on the iPad itself, except if you use Apple’s AirPlay 2, which you should then be able to send the signal to the Arc.

There isn’t enough information in your post to understand whether you’re trying to use AirPlay 2 or just the Sonos software, much less where the music files are stored that you’re trying to play.

Any chance of letting us know which version of iOS, a d which version of the Sonos controller you’re using? And where the music files are stored? Maybe how your Arc is connected to your LAN?

Have you tried a simple reboot of your router?